This audience is established and accomplished. They own their own high-value homes and have high incomes and net worth. They are investors, travelers and they make sizable charitable donations. Leisure time is spent enjoying the arts, reading, travel in the U.S. and abroad, and charity work.


The CityMag Masterfile audience responds to a wide variety of offers including catalog, health, charity, publishing and more. They enjoy history, financial, travel, sports and leisure and health related offers.

Locally Active

These subscribers are big fans of their local city or region and enjoy a locally active lifestyle that includes dining and wine, the arts and local charity work. An affluent lifestyle also includes shopping at high-end boutiques and shops.


The CityMag Masterfile is made up of long-time homeowners. Most are married and live lavish lifestyles. They index highly in having earned advanced degrees. They have corporate clout and are considered the established elite.

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